A comment from Joel Kwasu on the Nigerian State

Mr. Joel Kwasu is one time Deputy Governotorial Candidates in the 2007 and 2011 General Election from Kaduna State. Joel, A patriotic Citizen who belief in One Nigeria with no ethnic or religious boundary.
“Depravity is the corrupt state of moral character, extreme wickedness, hereditary, tendency of man toward sin. This internal disease underneath and deep inside humanity is not only eating Nigerians and the world away, but also deeply polluting our thoughts, words, actions, relationship and even our wills. The evil in this world stems from nowhere else, but from our innermost hearts. I enjoin you to pray for the Lord God Almighty to help us overcome this evil tendencies as you bow and lift up your hands in worshiping the Almighty God. God bless…”
Joel Giwa Kwasu.


About sulaymandauda

A 10th, July 1976 Nigerian. A Ph.D Research Candidate with the Nigerian Defence Academy Kaduna.
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