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The meaningful and effective engagement of citizens and other actor’s including stakeholders cut across the geographical affiliation of Nigerian polity in what is desired and expected to be emulated and displayed in our political endeavors in our societies, which will enable us to emulate the person of general Muhammadu Buhari (GCFR) who is being referred to as the only inevitable ICON of democracy in the history of our nation, going by his high level moral training which he always display for the coming generation to emulate, it is of course high time for us the citizens of Katsina state to realize the fact that the only available alternative therefore is for us at this critical time to focus on refocused towards finding a lasting solution in our opposition crusade bearing in mind that the only reason why we are in opposition is to checkmate the wrong doing of the other ruling parties, but not to compromise the principles of genuine opposition group within ourselves characterized as high-level of double standard, immoralities, deceptions, and unimaginable level of jungle justice within ourselves and in some cases, due to the negligence of some party leaders, and other radical aspirants, who always put their interest and agenda above the interest of their people not minding the grave implications to their people.

To be candid this and many more avoidable maladies of this nature is what dinger us to make such a public declaration of “war against selfish gladiators” that are always willing to undermined and compromise the right and interest of many million citizens in order to achieve their selfish sponsored motives of personal aggrandizement hiding under the banner of GMB. Without regards to the grave implications to other coming generation, to this end we may say without preservation that if really we want to make difference by emulating the ideal principles of our right Honourable gentle man, the people’s general Muhammadu Buhari (GCFR) who have done so much in leadership by example in various capacity and believe in the principles of good governance, justice, fairness, equity, discipline, zero tolerance to corruption this is incomparable with any sundry, non-manipulative when it comes to popular opinions, total respect to the will of the common man, just and transparent in his endeavors, total adherence to the rules of law to mention but a few.

At this juncture we are presenting a great question of self-examining to enable us have a tools and mechanism of compares cut across the geopolitical zones in our polity to see whether we may be able to have someone with similar mention qualities, which will enable us to have a team of highly principled patriots who may sacrifice themselves to salvage the interest of the masses, of course is not easy to have those that may decide to follow the process of protecting and emancipating the people from the long overdue negative syndromes of political manipulative engagement against ordinary people, even though many are attempting to consider themselves at the heir to the right Honourable gentle man icon of democracy (GMB), yes we may agree verbally but the claimant have to convince the public that he is emulating the ideal principles of (GMB), first of all he should ask and examine himself to enable him understand his own manifest in the practical aspect of his life, yes if he discovered that he will not be able to at least have 40% if not 60% to 70% of the upper mentioned golden principles of our political icon then whom is he representing or aspiring to heir? With all such claims of domination radicalism, nepotism, sectionalism, and above all unrealistic manipulative syndromes of any existing party structures especially at the state level only in the name of securing an automatic ticket, using the party structures basically speaking we may not hesitate to state categorically that any party leadership in any state is suppose to be a collection of highly respectful organ that can do justice to all aspirants so long they are among the dully registered members of the party without any element of bias of whatever kind region, status, age, and any other unwarranted criteria not withstanding but rather a popular choice candidate dully elected through the appropriate and the legal process of primary elections or any available process that can be generally accepted to the people as well as the other contestant which enable the party to display a common sense of justice through leadership by example to display effective qualities that will shape the fragile attitude of our coming generation to imbibe the cultures of democratic humanism as champion by Malam Aminu Kano who believe in fair play when it comes to a practical aspect of chosen an effective popular choice by the people through popular participation which if achieved the glory is to the advantage of the party leadership for doing an excellent job, but if in the contrary it can be viewed as a deliberate failure that can occur due to the promotion of selfish personal interest by the party leadership, which is not our wish, but if it occur then history is unforgiving this is to the detriment of the party. As such the common citizen for Katsina may not forgive any careless calculative attempt to deny them their right of having a candidate of their choice through whatever manipulative engagement.
While on the other side we must focus our attention to enable us justified the appropriateness of our methodologist put in place toward achieving our goals and dreams of producing a governor in our state under the guide and leadership of our icon of democracy (GMB) who is personally interested in nobody but a popular candidate produce and choose by the people of Katsina State to emerge as gubernatorial candidate in 2015 election without any compulsion or manipulation in the process to avoid the previous incidences as we always learn from our passed mistake to correct the future.

It is of course high time for our aspirants, stakeholders, Katsina elite, traditional leaders and youth to know the fact that ordinary citizen of Katsina state are indeed tired for the kind of unprecedented series of calculative election failures attributed due to over emphasis on the promotion of personal selfish interest. This predicament has been the bottle neck when it comes to producing a gubernatorial candidate in the state as such it is high time for the APC leadership, Katsina stakeholders and all the contestants to realize the fact that the Katsina people are in the quest of a laudable justice, political freedom and fair play when it comes to producing the gubernatorial candidate. Therefore, the cooperation and high-level maturity is what is expected from the musketeers and political gladiators of the state and those who were opportune to be at the helm of the Katsina politics.

This is to remind them that in any negative manipulative engagement there is always a negative consequences, it is therefore to their own advantage to play the card in the manner and way in which their names will be written with the golden ink, in their effort of shaping the attitude of our political machinery of the state with justice and equity and above all to concentrate on the need to produce a popular choice candidate to the people of Katsina state, this is to compliment the effort and dream of GMB of producing a popular choice candidate who is sellable and can be accepted without hitches, so that the people can come out in mass number and cast their vote to the right candidate who can attend to their needs as victims of the long overdue opposition groups, to enable us have a test of the values of democracy as citizen of Katsina state.

It is however important for us to remember the fact that the leadership of the party of the state under the present leadership should be people oriented because many have the impression that an intellectual capability to be in charge of an affair is always a golden opportunity, as such the leader as an intellect is expected to be transparent, just and promote the ethics of equity and fair play for all the contestant by not allowing himself to be used and dumped only in an attempt to win a primary election in the state we believe his ability, experiences, personality and maturity is far beyond the level of being a victims of manipulative train, it is of course in record about the roles he plays in calming and checkmating the same previous incidences of producing a manipulative candidate in the past, as such we expect him and his lieutenants to put all personal interest below the public interest, for sure he must have his own desired aspirant but we hope he will do all thing humanly possible to put the public interest ahead of personal interest, we expect him to lead a true transparent primaries to the people of Katsina state so that he can justified his statuesque to enable him have his name written in the genius record book as far as Katsina politics is concern, because people are watching to see whether justice can be prevail to the people of Katsina state, as of the people of Katsina state are not interested in any situation that can lead to their failure in the forthcoming 2015 gubernatorial election to enable us actualize the dream of having the people’s governor in Katsina.

This write up is a contribution and a reminder to the APC leadership, the people of Katsina and in particular to the opposition and progressive people of Katsina state who have suffered poor governance for decade. We must not allow selfish politicians to divide us in the name of so call dominance, all that we wanted is a qualify, credible candidate that is acceptable to the people irrespective of which ever zone he comes from. A statistic below should remind us that there have been no dominance in the opposition political struggle in Katsina state as claimed by some selfish politicians:

1999 APP Junaidu Mahmouda “Yantumaki Central
2003 ANPP Engr. Nura Khalil South
2007 ANPP Sen. Abu Ibrahim South
2011 CPC Rt. (Hon) Aminu B. Masari South

With the above statistics the people of Katsina south should be grateful to the opposition party for given them this ample opportunity. We therefore appeal to the good people of Katsina state and the APC leadership not to be carried away by people trying to generate tension as a source of our subsequent failures in previous Election since inception of the current democratization process. All that we should concentrate now is how we can unseat the ruling party from power so we can move forward.

Long Live Katsina State and Long Live Federal Republic of Nigeria
1. Sulayman Dauda
2. Ubale Nalado


About sulaymandauda

A 10th, July 1976 Nigerian. A Ph.D Research Candidate with the Nigerian Defence Academy Kaduna.
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