Arguments on devaluation of Naira: 

@Dr Nura Ali. Your analysis is quite true from other perspectives but if I may argue devaluation of Naira should be only when we’re productive to allow massive exports of our production. All that is needed to encourage local consumption lies on the ability for government to come out with taxation policies that may be difficult for the commercial bougoursies to import those unnecessary products, and at same time the need for political support to engage our industrial Bourgeois using every means incentives to revive and introduce modern industries across the Nigerian Nation. The simple arithmetic behind my assertion is if the dollar is high, it will be impossible for the industrialists both in manufacturing and agriculture to import the necessary materials and machinery for the revival of our industries. The government must ensure appreciated Naira, create a soft loans and very low tax rates to import machineries for industries. The government should also make it difficult for importations of unnecessary goods to the country like Funitures, textiles, agricultural products etc. by increasing the duty clearance to 100%, this will definitely discourage the importation of this goods and at the same time tactically encouraging patronization of local good. It is a long debate that requires so much discussion and exchange of ideas. I’ll like to conclude my little contributions with the argument that all these and many other aspects of development can never be archive without electricity. ELECTRICITY remain the backbone to every development. May GOD Help Us Amin


About sulaymandauda

A 10th, July 1976 Nigerian. A Ph.D Research Candidate with the Nigerian Defence Academy Kaduna.
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