Even if Buhari Dies… by Oni Gbolabo 

Even if Buhari Dies by Oni Gbolabo 


1. How many people making news of a 74 year old man will live up to 74 and still be relevant?

2. If he dies he had achieved what a younger and vibrant man called Jonathan failed to do. Its a shame on our generation that a man of 74 is the one curbing corruption so that he can rescue our future and we have young men supporting looters   

3. How many of them have a father who lived up to 74 and still relevant. 

4. If Buhari dies today may his soul rest in peace, its we younger ones that will be left with the problem of how to tackle corruption and rescue our future in Nigeria. 

5. Buhari’ s name is in GOLD while some of the younger ones names are in the mud. 

6. Many of the people who worked with Buhari as junior officers are dead today, even few ones living such as IBB is a relic of shame and disgrace. 

*** Buhari is NOT a failure and posterity will honour him. 


About sulaymandauda

A 10th, July 1976 Nigerian. A Ph.D Research Candidate with the Nigerian Defence Academy Kaduna.
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