Even if Buhari Dies… by Oni Gbolabo 

Even if Buhari Dies by Oni Gbolabo 


1. How many people making news of a 74 year old man will live up to 74 and still be relevant?

2. If he dies he had achieved what a younger and vibrant man called Jonathan failed to do. Its a shame on our generation that a man of 74 is the one curbing corruption so that he can rescue our future and we have young men supporting looters   

3. How many of them have a father who lived up to 74 and still relevant. 

4. If Buhari dies today may his soul rest in peace, its we younger ones that will be left with the problem of how to tackle corruption and rescue our future in Nigeria. 

5. Buhari’ s name is in GOLD while some of the younger ones names are in the mud. 

6. Many of the people who worked with Buhari as junior officers are dead today, even few ones living such as IBB is a relic of shame and disgrace. 

*** Buhari is NOT a failure and posterity will honour him. 

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In reply to the Chief of Sokoto Emirates by Prof. Dankofa

Prof Yusuf Dankofa 
The Sultan’s argument that we are hungry because we are lazy represents the mindset of our right wing conservative traditional and contemporary elites in the discourse on how to drive development in a dysfunctional economy like ours. For so long the elites had wrongfully pride itself as a hardworking and creative class downplaying their legitimate role as plunderers. They have also successfully brainwashed the poor from the informal class to believe that they are what they are and where they are because they are lazy, indolent and parasitic in our social organisation. In reality the poor has always been hardworking while the rich are the parasites and the prebendal. In fact, in Nigeria, majority are programmed to be poor, because of the class structure that elevates and pamper the elites but alienate the masses
To start with, it is the rich and powerful that discouraged the poor from hard work by entrenching patronage instead of merit in our value system. The poor work so hard and get peanuts, while the privileged class work so little and get massively rewarded. A governor spend 8 years and allot unto himself through legislative surrogates millions as pension while the poor spends 35 years as a messenger and dies awaiting his pension and the same elite parasite who had cornered all the juicy contracts and landed properties as ex governor or senator will mount the podium and declare the poor as lacking in intellect and the drive to succeed. Dishonesty has always been the cardinal principle of the elites class in nigeria so much so that any budgetary allocation for the poor goes to them,excluding the poor. Bank of Agriculture was established to help poor farmers but ended up helping the elites who are consumers. Microfinance banks were established to empower the poor but end up in supporting the elites.Fertilizers that will help poor agrarians end up in the markets for round tripping and the poor becomes unable to buy. Education that should be made available to the poor as a matter of right so that he can be useful to himself and the society has been denied the poor and of what use is the life of an illiterate? Yet they become bus conductors who shout themselves hoarse from morning till evening and the permanent secretary who works from 10am to 3 pm with about 1 hour break will open his mouth and say the poor is poor because he is lazy.
How can you declare the poor mechanic who is in the garage from 8am to 7pm a lazy man, when the loan he is to access from bank of industry has been denied him, while the same loan in millions has been given to the Director of Administration in government parastatals just for the fun of it. The entire budget of government at all levels is used to satisfy the indolence of the elites while the poor gets nothing,not even a good consulting clinic. Jobs are never created for the poor and the little ones they get they hardly joke with. The scores of domestic workers,messengers in MDA, cleaners of our streets and other downtrodden workers can never by any shred of imagination be deemed lazy because they work endless hours. It is high time we put a stop to that lie being propagated every time that the poor is poor because he is lazy, no..give the poor the same privilege and he will be materially successful like you. Award him scholarships and open up the economic space for him and he will be successful, afterall,you are not better than him. The scholarship meant for mass education of the poor has been cornered by you and for your children to the exclusion of the poor. If the poor is lazy, your policies made him so. He abandoned his farm to bootlick your shoes because you need him to become your political thug and the poverty ravaging the poor is artificially induced so that the poor will be in perpetual bondage as your slave. You enslaved a man and come around to say he is so because he is lazy. 

That is sociologically, and scientifically incorrect.!!

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A New Health Perk for Coffee Drinkers?. By Steven Reinberg

The brew, in any form, might cut colon cancer risk; the more you drink, the lower the risk, study suggests
FRIDAY, April 1, 2016 (HealthDay News) — Drinking coffee may cut your risk of colon cancer by as much as 50 percent, a new study suggests.
The more you drink, the more you may reduce your risk — and it makes no difference whether the coffee is regular or decaf, researchers said.
“The protective effect is not caffeine, per se, but probably a lot of other antioxidant ingredients in the coffee that are released in the roasting process,” said senior researcher Dr. Gad Rennert. He is director of the Clalit National Israeli Cancer Control Center in Haifa, Israel.
These findings can’t prove that coffee reduces the risk of colon cancer, only that coffee is associated with a reduced risk, Rennert said. However, the association appears strong, he added.
“For years we were not sure if coffee was dangerous. Today we have evidence that that’s not the case, that actually coffee is good for you,” he said.
For the study, Rennert’s team — which included researchers at the University of Southern California’s Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center — collected data on more than 5,100 men and women in northern Israel who were diagnosed with colon cancer. These patients were compared with more than 4,000 men and women with no history of colon cancer.
All of the participants reported how much coffee they drank, including espresso, instant, decaffeinated and filtered coffee. They also reported risk factors for colon cancer, such as family history of cancer, diet, physical activity and smoking.
The researchers found that having one to two cups of coffee a day was linked to a 26 percent reduced risk of colon cancer. For those who drank more than 2.5 cups, the risk was reduced by as much as 50 percent, the findings suggested.
The risk for colon cancer seemed lower no matter what type of coffee people drank, Rennert added.
The findings of this study are consistent with other similar studies, said Susan Gapstur, the vice president for epidemiology at the American Cancer Society.
“However, studies that collect information on dietary factors, including coffee, from healthy people and then follow them to see who goes on to develop cancer, do not tend to show a significantly lower risk of colon cancer in coffee drinkers compared with nondrinkers,” Gapstur said. “Therefore, the findings of this study should be interpreted with caution.”
Dr. Andrew Chan, an associate professor in the department of medicine at Harvard Medical School in Boston, said, “There is mounting evidence suggesting an association between coffee and lower colon cancer risk.”
If the protective agents in coffee could be identified, they might be used to prevent or treat colon cancer, speculated Chan, who is also an associate professor of medicine and gastroenterology at Massachusetts General Hospital.
“In addition, coffee might provide us with some clues about how cancer develops and could help us understand colon cancer in general,” he said.
The report was published April 1 in the journal Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers and Prevention.
Colon cancer is the third most common cancer diagnosed in both men and women in the United States. Nearly 5 percent of men and just over 4 percent of women develop the disease over their lifetime.
The American Cancer Society estimates that more than 95,000 cases of colon cancer and 39,000 cases of rectal cancer will be diagnosed this year.
WebMD News from HealthDay
 Copyright © 2013-2016 HealthDay. All rights reserved.

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Arguments on devaluation of Naira: 

@Dr Nura Ali. Your analysis is quite true from other perspectives but if I may argue devaluation of Naira should be only when we’re productive to allow massive exports of our production. All that is needed to encourage local consumption lies on the ability for government to come out with taxation policies that may be difficult for the commercial bougoursies to import those unnecessary products, and at same time the need for political support to engage our industrial Bourgeois using every means incentives to revive and introduce modern industries across the Nigerian Nation. The simple arithmetic behind my assertion is if the dollar is high, it will be impossible for the industrialists both in manufacturing and agriculture to import the necessary materials and machinery for the revival of our industries. The government must ensure appreciated Naira, create a soft loans and very low tax rates to import machineries for industries. The government should also make it difficult for importations of unnecessary goods to the country like Funitures, textiles, agricultural products etc. by increasing the duty clearance to 100%, this will definitely discourage the importation of this goods and at the same time tactically encouraging patronization of local good. It is a long debate that requires so much discussion and exchange of ideas. I’ll like to conclude my little contributions with the argument that all these and many other aspects of development can never be archive without electricity. ELECTRICITY remain the backbone to every development. May GOD Help Us Amin

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PMB The Economist (An analysis Dr. Sani Bako)

PMB has done it again. The school cert holder (?) has done what a PhD holder could not. 
Very simple economics. We buy most of our goods from China, so why must we pay the Chinese in dollars? The Chinese buy a lot of crude oil from us, so why must they pay us in dollars? 
So PMB made a deal with the Chinese. We pay for the goods we buy from China in Yuan, the Chinese currency. They buy our crude oil and pay in Yuan. 
The exchange rate is to be pegged at 30 Naira to one Yuan or RMB. 
So how does it favour us? Simple. 
The Yuan is now 6.48 to a dollar. So if you pay 30 Naira to the Yuan, that would be equivalent to 194.4 Naira to the dollar. 
Since the dollar exchanges for 199 Naira, you save N4.6. 199 – 194.4 = 4.6. Simple, huh? 
In simple terms, PMB has just strengthened the Naira by 9.15%!
And that’s not the end of the story. As we begin to deal in the Yuan, the demand for dollar would plummet and this in turn would weaken the dollar. It would crash to around 140 Naira to the dollar. 
May God bless PMB. Can I hear an amen?!

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A Guest Post: “Boko Haram” God Fathers At War! Keep off! By Sharon Faliya

I just love this CHANGE that has happened to Nigeria, and we can do just well to thank God Almighty for it. If not for this change in the leadership of our dear country, how could we have seen “Boko Haram” godfathers fighting and washing their stinking boxers and vests in public?
Now, to properly key you into what am saying, take a look at these conflicting statements from people of the same camp that connived to torment and kill Nigerians just for their financial and political gains:
1. “Arms: Contracts, payments endorsed by ex-president Jonathan”
~ Sambo Dasuki, Jonathan’s NSA
(Page 3, DAILY TRUST newspaper, Thursday, November 19, 2015 and page 2 of The PUNCH, and pages 1 and 6 of THE NATION, and pages 1 and 6 of THIS DAY newspaper, all of the same date)
2. “I did not award any $2 billion contract for procurement of weapons. Where did the money come from? I did not award a contract of $2bn for procurement of weapons.”
~ Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, former President
(Page 8, Saturday PUNCH, November 21, 2015 and front page of THE NATION newspaper, Saturday, November 21, 2015)
Hahahahahahaaaaa….. But please, forgive me, for this is not a laughing matter; hundreds of thousands of human lives have been lost, many towns and villages uprooted and destroyed, and millions of people turned into refugees both within and across the borders of Nigeria!
Well, so who do we believe between Sambo Dasuki and his boss Goodluck Ebele Jonathan?
First, let’s take a little trip into the statements and records of the administration of former President Jonathan and see whether we can believe anyone of them:
* Nigerians will recall that the administration officials of President Jonathan were bandying the figure of $33 billion as the sum they spent on procuring weapons to fight “Boko Haram” throughout their six years in power, and the naira equivalent of that sum was 4.62 trillion naira at that time!
* Then came Air Chief Marshall Alex Badeh, President Jonathan’s Chief of Defence Staff, with his own bombshell in early August 2015 when he was retiring from the military that the last time weapons were procured for the Nigerian military was in 2006!
This has gotten more interesting, isn’t it?
Jonathan’s administration claimed to have “invested” $33 billion in fighting “Boko Haram”; Jonathan’s Chief of Defence Staff burst the bubble that nothing was procured; Jonathan’s NSA said Jonathan approved the contracts and payments for arms “procurements”, and finally, Jonathan disowns his NSA and also said he never awarded any contract for procurement of arms!
Well! Well! Well! Rijiya! Rijiya! Rijiya! These people have all put us in a well, isn’t it? All of this stuff has become a mystery, isn’t it? Well, but how do we solve this mystery?
To solve this mystery, let’s all go back to February 2015 when all the people mentioned above connived together to force a postponement of the general elections from February to March/April 2015 when it was very clear to them that President Jonathan was going to lose woefully, and thank God he still lost after they forced the postponement! I was compelled to go back to my newspapers archive to see what happened at that time, and this is the sequence of what transpired:
1. President Jonathan convened a meeting of the National Council of State to cajole them to approve the postponement of the elections, and what he told the Council was that new weapons have been procured for the military and he wanted the elections postponed by at least six weeks so that the military would decisively crush “Boko Haram” so that the displaced people of northeast Nigeria could return to their homes and vote freely!
2. The National Council of State refused to approve that strange request, and asked that the elections be conducted as initially scheduled!
3. President Jonathan and his NSA, Sambo Dasuki, and all his military service chiefs were apparently not happy with the refusal of the National Council of State to accede to their plot to have the elections postponed. They therefore, in a very strange manner, wrote a very strange letter to INEC boss, Professor Attahiru Jega, telling him not to proceed with the elections as earlier scheduled as they could not guarantee the security of the whole electoral process on the basis that all their soldiers would be engaged in fighting “Boko Haram”!
I hope you have seen how Jonathan, Dasuki, Alex Badeh, and all the other security chiefs were united for “their common goal” at that stage?
Ladies and gentlemen, I hope you are carefully following this timeline of strange events? Hahahahaaaa….. Okay, what happened next? Alright, the following events happened:
1. Actually, there was a little halt in the activities of “Boko Haram” at that time, and this was to justify their false or bogus claims that their “new weapons” were being used in their “final war” against “Boko Haram”!
2. “Boko Haram” invaded Gombe city after all the military checkpoints leading into the city were mysteriously withdrawn, and what did “Boko Haram” do in Gombe city? Ladies and gentlemen, “Boko Haram” distributed leaflets warning the people of Gombe not to turn out for elections, and if they turned out they would be massively killed! And here, you may pause to ask yourself who was afraid of losing election in Gombe city? I thought “Boko Haram” should have distributed their leaflets in the southeast or south-south or even in some parts of “Middle Belt” in Nigeria, isn’t it?
3. Some national newspapers reported how a Nigerian Air Force helicopter was seen at that time dropping “Boko Haram” leaflets in some towns and villages in Adamawa State warning them also not to turn out for the elections! Can you beat that? An Air Force helicopter serving as courier for “Boko Haram”!
What else does anyone need to know about the godfathers of “Boko Haram”?
Well, I like it that things appear to have now fallen apart among the godfathers of “Boko Haram”, which will be to the advantage of Nigerians as it will cause them to expose themselves further and then certain other hidden facts will be revealed. I believe Sambo Dasuki will by now be feeling betrayed by his master Goodluck Jonathan over his refusal to back his claim that he approved the so called arms procurement contracts, and this will only further make things very interesting! In any case, can anyone in any administration cause the “vanishing” of billions of dollars without the express knowledge and permission of the head of such an administration? And, hey!, President Jonathan even sought the approval of the Senate to borrow $1 billion “to buy weapons” in order to fight “Boko Haram”. So, what happened to this money as well? Your guess is as good as mine, I bet!
Another dimension that could further complicate things for the godfathers of “Boko Haram” is this blazing headline on the front cover of THE NATION newspaper of Saturday, November 21, 2015. It says:
This only means one thing: those rogues that I now prefer to call as godfathers of “Boko Haram” actually shared all the monies they budgeted for national security among themselves, and while they were enjoying the money our people were being bombed and massacred like unwanted insects!
In the same news item under reference here, it reported that a top Nigerian and two Israeli suspects have sneaked out of the country, which reminds me of the rumour that strongly made the rounds sometime ago that a lot of the “Boko Haram” bombing operatives were trained in Israel, and don’t even bother to ask me if that were possible. But just to satisfy your curiosity I can simply refer you to Jeremiah chapter 5 verses 26 to 30.
Well, the most important thing is, “Boko Haram” godfathers are now at war with themselves, and I am happy to take a ringside seat to watch with amusement how they outdo each other. The blood of more than 300, 000 Nigerians massacred by “Boko Haram” cannot be wasted in vain!
God is always on the[truncated by WhatsApp]

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