Amir Sunusi Lamido Sunusi On Famers/Herders Conflicts and the Political incitement’s in Northern Nigeria

Full text of Emir Sunusi Lamido Sunusi (Emir of Kano and Grand patron of Nigerian Hausa-Fulani. May God bless him)

“Sultan And I Are Miyetti Allah’s Patrons, Says Sanusi

The Emir of Kano , Muhammadu Sanusi II, says he personally gave the Federal Government pictures of 800 Fulani herdsmen and their families that were killed in Taraba State last year but the government had yet to take action .

He added that the killings in the Middle Belt were being perpetrated by both the herdsmen and the locals, stressing that the murder of the herdsmen was not being accurately reported thereby presenting a false narrative of ‘ one – sided killings ’ .

Sanusi said this during an interview with Sunday PUNCH on Saturday .

The emir said, “Some months ago in Mambilla, in one weekend , over 800 Fulani were murdered by Mambilla militias. The papers did not even go there to cover the story . Most of those wiped out were women, infants and the elderly.

“In one case, a pregnant woman was killed , her stomach was ripped open and the baby was brought out and slaughtered. I personally handed over to the Federal Government a dossier with the names and pictures of the 800 or so people slaughtered as well as the names and addresses of persons known to have participated in these acts of ethnic cleansing.

“Nothing has happened . I also ensured that authorities received video and audio evidence of senior politicians in Taraba State, who were involved in this act of genocide . No one has been arrested. Fulanis were also murdered in Kajuru and Numan.

“In many of these cases it was not about conflict but militias raiding settlements to kill women and children , and then later, attacking herdsmen and slaughtering them and their cattle.”

The former Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria condoled with the people of Benue State over the recent killing of over 70 persons but rubbished reports that the attacks were part of a ploy by the Fulani to take over parts of Nigeria.

He attributed the killings and reprisals to the failure of government and security agencies.

“The point I am making is that we are living in a country that has failed to protect the lives of people on all sides and bring culprits to book. Also in the case of the Fulani , there is a deliberate attempt to ‘ ethnicise’ criminality , and politicians , who are total failures , have found the anti – Fulani rhetoric to be the way to get popularity , ” he said.

The monarch said as far as perpetrators continued to get away with the dastardly acts, they would remain emboldened to continue to kill.

Sanusi alleged that in Taraba State for instance, one of the officials that took part in the killing of Fulani had been given an appointment by the state government.

He added , “The Sultan of Sokoto , the Lamido of Adamawa and I have been quietly speaking to top security personnel for months ; telling them that the failure to provide justice and the clear involvement of political leaders in genocide , especially in Taraba, is causing anxiety .

“The case of Taraba is particularly bad. In the days of ( President Olusegun ) Obasanjo, an act of cleansing, similar to the recent one, happened . A politician, who was identified by an investigative panel as a key man behind the genocide , was simply appointed state attorney general by Governor ( Gabriel ) Suswam ( of Benue State ) and he made sure no one was called to account .

“In the recent genocide , a top local government official , on whom there was evidence of involvement was removed , then given a political appointment in Jalingo in the Governor’ s Office .”

Asked whether the anti – grazing law in Benue State is the right approach, the monarch said he shared the view of Governor Simon Lalong of Plateau State that the law was divisive and unfair to the Fulani herdsmen .

Sanusi said the law deepened the indigene/ settler dichotomy and made the herdsmen feel isolated.

The monarch added that he had appealed to the Taraba State governor to delay the implementation of the law in the state but all his pleas had fallen on deaf ears .

The emir stated , “I fully support all efforts to attract investment into cattle rearing . This is global best practice. Capital is put into development of ranches and grazing areas , herdsmen settle. Their cattle are healthier and fatter , they sell milk and milk products and beef , their children go to school and they are economically much better off .

“This is what we all want .

But in Benue and Taraba, the approach has not been one of including and supporting and regulating herdsmen but of isolation and hate. I am happy Governor Lalong of Plateau has publicly stated that he advised Governor Ortom of Benue to tread carefully .

“I can confirm that I personally spoke to Governor Darius Ishaku before his public hearings on his law and begged him to slow down until he has worked out proper implementation but he refused .”

The former CBN governor admitted that he was one of the patrons of the Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association of Nigeria.

He said the Sultan of Sokoto , the Emir of Katsina, the Emir of Zazzau and the Lamido of Adamawa were also patrons of MACBAN .

Sanusi , therefore , stated that the group was not a violent one.

He said, “As I understand it when Miyetti Allah was first set up , they requested a few Fulani emirs to be their patrons in their capacity as emirs. The first grand patron was Sultan Abubakar III and he was replaced by successive sultans – Dasuki, Maccido and Saad Abubakar now.

“Other patrons were emir of Kano , Lamido of Adamawa and emirs of Zazzau and Katsina , I believe . So , my predecessor was a patron and on my ascension to the throne, I became a patron. This is all nominal .

“To the best of my knowledge, Miyetti Allah has never been involved in acts of violence and has always condemned violence and called on its members to eschew violence .

“It is , however , committed to protecting the fundamental rights of herdsmen as Nigerians including constitutional right to freedom of movement and the ownership of private wealth and peaceful conduct of their business. ”

The emir added that the effects of desertification had led to an increase in competition for resources .

The monarch , therefore, described allegations that Fulani wanted to take over Nigeria as a ‘ daft argument’ .

Sanusi stated , “Grazing routes have been taken way by politicians . We have demographic implosion in the North, desertification, reduction in water reserves and competition for resources among various aspects of agriculture – crop production , animal husbandry and fishing .

“What we see is the failure of political authority, the cynical manipulation of ethnic identity by failed governments and the impotence of our security machinery. Instead of being dragged into a debate on whether Fulani are trying to take over peoples land – which is a daft argument – let us try and bring some intelligence into this discussion on weak governance rather than emotions . ”

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Nigeria and our Diversity in Question: by Farouk Salim PhD

What’s heartbreaking is the fact that with our diversity and level of exposure, education and experience we’re still falling into the age old crude too simplified analysis of problems. For example when boko haram started their carnage part of the leadership and the so called elite said it was a northern and Muslim problem until they almost overran the country. It is very easy and too convenient to frame the current problem as such too. We that leave in the USA we’re constantly labeled drug dealers and criminals because the framing is that all black people are that and some, until proven otherwise. You can break Nigeria into 774 countries you’ll only confound the problems. Southern Sudan is seven years old and the people are still suffering. We have herders/farmers problem, we have a corruption and leadership problems let’s address the problems not the crude framing. No ethnic group, no religion or any other framing permutations have monopoly of goodness or badness. We are no more diverse than other countries like India, China etc. but they are working hard to address their problems and needs. Simplifying problems are the stock and trade of genocidal despots and regimes. It did not work for Hitler or the genocidal Hutu elites in Rwanda. They killed close to a million Tutsis in Rwanda but a Tutsi (Kagame) is the one leading reconciliation and nation building and in my opinion he is doing a wonderful job.

Let’s address our problems sensibly. Every LGA in Nigeria is represented in the National Assembly voted by local people if they are not doing their jobs vote the crooks out and replace them with better people who will fight for your concerns and fears. We have governors in every state of the federation who are the “true” sons (no daughters unfortunately) of the soil let them get together with neighboring colleagues and address serous issue instead of scheming about which local government’s or religion’s turn is it to rule.

Every ethnic and religious group is represented in the goodness and badness of Nigeria. Anyone simplistic enough to associate a certain problem or excellence to a religion, ethnicity, region, or state is simply being the proverbial ostrich burying his/her head in the ground oblivious to the real problems and dangers around and ahead. If sameness of everything is the panacea for a successful country the Somalis will be living in one the best countries in the world. Small Singapore is a very diverse country but see what great leadership did to it. During the world war Singapore was just a Japanese prison camp where prisoners are literally fed cockroaches and rice.

No Nigerian is going anywhere we will have to learn to address our problems and find equitable and acceptable solutions to them otherwise those stuck there will have to leave with chaos, death, diseases and other signs of primitiveness and those of us stuck in exile we will die as outcasts in a foreign land where we will be used like toilet paper and be discarded when we get tired, old and decrepit…. A sad and inglorious end if you ask me.

I’m just heartbroken by the idiotic and simplified postulations about our problems as a nation of diverse peoples.

One more thing I realized is that with our parents and elders slowly dying we are (for example this group) all we got to talk to each other as friends, colleagues and contemporaries. Outside this group everyone is looking up to us to provide some kind of leadership and wise words for our current societal problems. Like it or not we are turning into the remaining wise old people remaining in our various communities. The kind that everyone shuts up and listen to in a family/community/religious meeting when we stand up to speak. Please let’s remember this very important stated fact when we are sharing emotionally one sided articles, videos, pictures etc. in the cyber community or at other gatherings because our words are golden most people believe it as gospel truth from a wizened old man/woman. After all why should this accomplished old man/woman be spreading lies and rumors? Why would such a devout person egg on bloodshed and chaos, so it must be right if he or she say it?

Please let’s try and be the way our parents and grandparents use to be in the good old days, that is thoughtful, not emotion driven, fair, wise, not abusive riotous crowd pleasers. There is no need to win the argument and lose the battle then everyone loses in this scenario.

One last thing, when we were at ABU I took my classmates for granted but fast-forward 36 years later you guys and girls are the few people in this world that I have anything in common with and amongst my longest albeit surviving relationships. I appreciate and thank the almighty for each and every one of you. I pray you and yours stay blessed.

Remember the “Kongosis” parrot (PRO) of the K-gytes (palm wine drinkards) club? He use close his announcement with the “I haf spoken”! Thanks everyone but I just wanted you to know how import each and every one of you is to me.

Stay blessed,

Farouk Salim

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By Farouk Saleem PhD

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A ban on #CoughSyrup? 😳

The call to ban coughs syrups?. This is Very unprofessional & nonsensical of them, what has cough syrup got to do with drugs abuse? If syrup is banned what of other substances & who told them that all syrup contain drowsy substances, what are their proven facts that all syrups are inactive in treatment of coughs. If the banning is a solution such a stupid policy would have been effected in already organised societies like the EU, US & the Golf States. This issues is all about societal moral values, good governance and individuals mind set. I’m disappointed with the intellect of those making this reeerara, I guess they must be attention seekers.

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Funmi Adewola, table



“NNPC story of the last two days got so twisted.

The Nigerian media is failing to educate.

The reportage is so poor, high in sensationalism and spread of ignorance as to the facts and processes.

First, there is nothing like a Contract Award in the real sense of the word where money is paid out by NNPC to Contractors.

NNPC selling crude oil to a customer is not a Contract Award, it is a Commrercial transaction.

It is the GMD of NNPC that has ever been signing Crude Oil Sales Term Contract at NNPC from the begining of that corporation as NNOC.

From Lawrence Amu, to Chief Marinho, Arets Adam until even when Kachikwu was GMD.

When a Customer signs a Term-Contract to buy Nigerian Crude Oil it is covered by the customer’s bank opening in favor of NNPC either a Standby Letter(s) of Credit (SBLC) or a Documentary Letter(s) of Credit (DLC).

Such banks are only amongst the top 50 international banks that are acceptable.

It is after lifting any crude oil under the Sales Contract that the L/C is negotiated and the proceeds goes to the account of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, in the name of NNPC.

These accounts are held in New York, mostly.

There is no cash that changes hands between individuals for and on behalf of NNPC.

The insinuation that NNPC through the current GMD is holding some wild figures is plain stupid !

Dr Kachikwu as GMD it was that signed these same Contracts in his capacity in 2015/16.

Now, for the rest of the muddle we have been thrown into, you may wish to read the extant statutory laws that governs NNPC’s Procurement Processes here below.

There is no law violated here by the NNPC.



Nigerians yesterday woke up in the morning and were greeted with a supposed leaked memo from Dr. Ibe Kachikwu the Honourable Minister of State for Petroleum Resources to Mr. President against Dr. Maikanti Kachalla Baru the GMD of NNPC.

This write up will attempt to x-ray the alleged wrong doing in the procurement processes of NNPC vis-à-vis the extant laws that regulate such (Public Procurement Act PPA).

Please note that I am neither the spoke person of NNPC nor that of Dr. Maikanti K. Baru.

Section 2 of the PPA provides “The Council shall:

(a) consider, approve and amend the monetary and prior review thresholds for the application of the provisions of this Act by procuring entities.”

In exercise of the above provision, Bureau of Public Procurement vide a circular ref: SGF/OP/I/S.3/VIII/57 dated 11th March, 2009 from the office of the Secretary to the Government of the Federation conveyed the Council’s approval in respect of “Implementation of approved revised thresholds for service wide application and special application to the Ministry of Petroleum Resources for expenditure related to the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC), Procurement Methods and thresholds of application and the composition of Tenders Board.”

In the above circular particularly part (b) thereof, it approved the establishment of five Tenders Boards for NNPC namely: NNPC Tenders Board (NTB) with approval of less than USD$20 Million; Group Executive Committee (GEC) with approval limit of less than USD$10 Million; Directorate Executive Committee (DEXCOM) with approval limit of less than USD$4 Million; Management Executive Committee (MEXCOM) with approval limit of less than USD$2 Million; Divisional Committee (DIVCOM) with approval limit of less than USD$0.50 Million respectively.

Section 17 of the PPA provides:

“Subject to the monetary and prior review thresholds for procurements in this Act as may from time to time be determined by the Council, the following shall be the approving authority for the conduct of public procurement (a) in the case of

(i) a government agency, parastatal, or corporation, a Parastatals Tenders Board ; and

(ii) a ministry or extra-ministerial entity, the Ministerial Tender Board.”

From the above provision, it is very clear that the only recognised approving authority for the conduct of public procurement in NNPC is the NNPC Tenders Board (NTB) and not the Board of Directors of NNPC as the Honourable Minister of State for Petroleum Resources wants us to believe.

I have gone through the PPA or the approved threshold and can’t find anywhere reference is being made to NNPC Board as an approving authority for NNPC.

In case where the contract sum is excess of USD$20 Million, the circular quoted above mandated NNPC to forward such to Federal Executive Council (FEC) and not the Board of Directors of NNPC. Section 20.—

(1) of the PPA provide

“The accounting officer of a procuring entity shall be the person charged with line supervision of the conduct of all procurement processes ; in the case of ministries the Permanent Secretary and in the case of extra-ministerial departments and corporations the Director-General or officer of co-ordinate responsibility.

(2) The accounting officer of every procuring entity shall have overall responsibility for the planning of, organization of tenders, evaluation of tenders and execution of all procurements and in particular shall be responsible for :

(a) ensuring compliance with the provisions of this Act by his entity and liable in person for the breach or contravention of this Act or any regulation made hereunder whether or not the act or omission was carried out by him personally or any of his subordinates and it shall not be material that he had delegated any function duty or power to any person or group of persons ;

(b) constituting the Procurement Committee and its decisions ;

(c) ensuring that adequate appropriation is provided specifically for the procurement in the Federal budget ;

(d) integrating his entity’s procurement expenditure into its yearly budget ;

(e) ensuring that no reduction of values or splitting of procurements is carried out such as to evade the use of the appropriate procurement method ;

(f ) constituting the Evaluation Committee ;

(g) liaising with the Bureau to ensure the implementation of its regulations.”

The import of the above section is that the GMD of NNPC being the Accounting officer of procuring entity NNPC has the overall responsibility for the planning of, organization of tenders, evaluation of tenders and execution of all procurements.

This is the intention of the drafters of the PPA.

I am very sure if they have Board of Directors of NNPC or that of any Parastatal in mind, they could have stated such clearly in the Act except if the Honourable Minister of State has now abrogated to himself the powers of interpretation of the Act to include the Board of Directors of NNPC which he chairs.

It should be noted that all the contracts listed in the Honourable Minister of State Memo to Mr. President followed strictly all the laid down procedures before they were approved by the relevant approving authority.

In conclusion, it is my considered opinion that the Honourable Minister of State for Petroleum Resources Memo was sent to Mr. President and subsequently leaked to public with the sole aim of tarnishing the good image of the NNPC and GMD and as well subject the duos to public ridicule.

End of quote…

Dr. Kachikwu is a lawyer.

He should have been better guided in his outburst in that Memo.

The social media is agog with ill-informed narratives.

Even the opposition PDP and NASS are showing serious ignorance on this issue.

Please know before you talk ”

Caxton Fatanmi

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GRAPHICS IMAGES Be Warns? Are we telling ourselves the truth as ‘One United Nigeria 🇳🇬’?

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FL bracing-up for Dreadful Irma. Be kind and friendly to humans pls

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